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China Education Alliance, Inc. is a leading educational service company offering high-quality online education materials and on-site training and tutoring to families, provincial education officials, administrators, schools and teachers in China . We distribute online test preparation materials, researchers' materials, study guides, audio recordings, and provide vocational skills and certification training.

We market our database of more than 350,000 exams and test papers and courseware for college, secondary and elementary schools, under the “Famed Instructors Test Paper Store” through our website, . We also provide on-site exam-oriented after-school training and tutoring services that we call “The Big Classroom of the Famous Instructors”. We developed a new online educational game "Fortune Island" recommended and approved by the "National Educational Game Research Base" a division of the Chinese Ministry of Education. The game is accessible on our website as well as by direct link . We own part of the “Scientific Discovery” newspaper, which provides us with another distribution channel for our educational content.

We provide vocational training and vocational performance evaluation metrics services, as well as employment education through our “Millions of College Students Employment Crossroad” program by collaborating with the National Association of Vocational Education of China (NAVEC) to set up, . We operate NAVEC's Education Examination Center and are able to tap the resources of 30,000 famous vocational experts and instructors who are members. In addition, we develop vocational training programs by collaborating with other educational institutions.

China Education Alliance was listed on the OTC Bulletin Board in September 2004.

China Education Alliance was listed on NYSE Amex in July, 2009.

China Education Alliance was listed on NYSE in January, 2010.

China Education Alliance was listed on OTCQX in January, 2012.

China Education Alliance (CEAI.PK)
China Education Alliance, Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2014 Earnings Conference Call on Monday, August 18, 2014, at 8 a.m. EDT

2014 Annual Meeting of Stockholders of China Education Alliance,Inc will be held on December 24, 2014    Form 10-K Download

08/28/2012 - Notice of Proposed Settlement and Settlement Hearing

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